Sally's Conference Pics 1

Eiler (SCH/PMG), Katie (ILS), Stephen (ILS), Teddy (PMG) & Zach (ILS)
"These are all my friends", said Stephen - Eiler McSmiler, Katie, Stephen, Teddy and Zach.


Cayse (Pachy-cortex) Mickey (mouse) & Paz (ILS)
Caffy, Cayse, Linda, Mickey, Paz and Leslie


Special Moms - Caffy, Lori and Susan
Sandy's quilts "Welcome to Holland" and Joey's 18th birthday present


Stephen (ILS) and Katie (ILS)
"Who's that cool dude", said Katie, as Stephen pulled up beside her.


Claudie (ILS) and Ben (ILS)
Girl meets Boy.  Maria, Claudie, Ben and Fiona with Patty standing.


Claudie (ILS), Stephen (ILS), Katie (ILS), Julia (MDS), Zach (ILS) and Laura (PMG)
Off to the Drive-in - Claudie, Stephen, Katie, Julia, Zach and Laura


Cayse (Pachy-cortex)
"Smile please" - Cayse


Julia (MDS)
"Sing me a song" - Sandy and Julia


vaughn.jpg (28602 bytes)
Deborah and Becca Vaughn with Katie


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