Sally's Conference Pics 2

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Loop Gang - George, do you really know what you have created?

Lori, Sally & Katie, Linda, Alex, Meg, Billy and Charlie standing
Tina & Samantha, Leslie & Paz, Maria & Claudie, ??, Susan, Cayse, Nancy & Zach, David & Kelly, Fiona sitting


Katie (ILS) and Laura (PMG)
Forever friends - Jon and Katie meet Keven and Laura


Claudie (ILS), Kayla (ILS), Katie (ILS), Julia (MDS) and Zach (ILS)
5 in a bed - napping on a grand scale - Claudie, Kayla, Katie, Julia and Zach


Laura (PMG) and Claudie (ILS)
Pleased to meet you.  Laura meets Claudie


Teddy (PMG) and Katie (ILS)
Kim and Teddy with Bob and Katie


Stephen (ILS) and Katie (ILS)
Come have a hug!! Stephen and Katie together at last
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