Isaac’s Story

Isaac Dylan Munro Moyston was born at 5.40pm, Wednesday 27th August, 1997 at St Joseph’s Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica, weighing 6lbs 10oz.

I remember feeling slightly disappointed that he was only 6lbs 10oz, because I thought second babies were supposed to be heavier than the first and Isaac’s brother Jacob, had been 7lbs 8oz.

Isaac got 9 and 10 on his apgar score, he sucked the breast straight away, his head looked a little funny at the back but since the paediatrician hadn’t said anything, I thought, thank fully, I had another perfect baby.Continue reading

Jessica and Chelsea Savage

Jessica was born on 11 June 1992 and Chelsea was born on 8 March 1994 . They were both full term (not premature) babies.

At 2 weeks of age, Jessica became extremely irritable, fussy, crying and was projectile vomiting all the time. The doctors thought she was colic, so we tried every formula that existed, but it did not help.Jessica 2yrs 3mo and Chelsea 6mo.Jessica 2yrs 3mo and Chelsea 6mo.

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Katie 1

Katie’s Lissencephaly Page

This is the story of Katie. Katie was born with a condition known as Lissencephaly. This condition leaves Katie severely mentally and physically disabled.

This is her story………………

On the day she was born (27 August 1997) Katie spent a very quiet time inside her mum. Mum had been shopping and had noticed that her baby was unusually still. Normally baby would be kicking and moving within her, but today things were definitely different. After a few hours of this the baby moved again, mum relaxed and dropped back into her routine. A few hours went by and again the baby became still. Dad returned from work and mum mentioned the babies’ stillness. With a stethoscope, dad checked the babies’ heartbeat. – 140 beats per minute – “Sounds OK to me”Continue reading