Visit the research institutes and discover who’s who in Lissencephaly research.

Note : 12/30/2016 – Information is outdated – I know that Dr. Dobyns is in Seattle at the moment.  Please email me with any updates.

  • Research being carried out at The University of Chicago,  where you will find Drs Dobyns and Ledbetter working on the Molecular Genetic Studies of Cortical Development (The Lissencephaly Research Project). This site has the key contact Email addresses for the Doctors and other members of the Research Project.
  • Research being carried out at the Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Research at the Christopher A. Walsh Laboratory
  • Comprehensive Brain Malformation Program – clinical program for children and adults with neuronal migration disorders including lissencephaly
  • Do your own research!!!
    • Try PubMed for the latest in research papers.   Just enter  lissencephaly, polymicrogyria or whatever into the search box.
    • Try GeneCards: Good keywords are Lissencephaly, LIS1, DCX, Muscle-eye-brain disease